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How to Get Tough Stains Outta Your Clothes and Mrs Meyer’s Appreciation

Did you know you can use a household all-purpose spray as a spot cleaner on your clothes? Spray on stains, let it sit at least an hour, and wash as normal! Working in kitchens, I’d always get cooking oil on my clothes and aprons, and Mrs Meyers took some of the gnarliest stains out. I’m […]

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Jenny’s the Name, (Easy) Vegan Glamour is the Game!

I love vegan beauty products almost as much as I love food products and running! Sometimes I’m that runner with make-up on, because hey! My photo is being captured! Now,  I’m no Miss Miriam or Vegan Beauty Addict, but I can manage winged eyeliner, just don’t ask me about much else — contouring, what? There […]

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