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And With 2019 Comes New Races, New Challenges, New Distances and Stronger Training!

Mike and I moved to Orange County on Halloween night and so much has changed since then, and since my last post in December! We started eating much healthier, both of us dropping about 10lbs each. I started working at a specialty run shop, so my knowledge about shoes, shoe fittings, nutrition and apparel has […]

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Los Angeles Marathon Finisher! 2018 Edition!

On Sunday, March 18 2018, I finished my second Los Angeles Marathon and fifth marathon. This post feels hard to write, because I can’t believe it’s all over. As an ambassador, I lived and breathed this race, as well as the Santa Monica Classic and Pasadena Half, for about eight months. As an ambassador I […]

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I Bought A Three Day Juice Cleanse in a Moment of Desperation (and Curiosity)

I bought a three day, Pressed Juicery cleanse in January, and I absolutely loved it. I loved having all those juices, everyday. I didn’t cleanse per se, but I did drink about three to four green juices a day for the course of about five days! AND IT WAS AWESOME. I had just been pretty […]

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