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Back on Track: Yoga Revolution, Running and Cycling!

It’s a been an emotional couple of weeks since Mike and I decided to defer the Zion Half Marathon! Personally, I’ve been feeling a little bit lost, trying to figure out what’s next, both training and life-wise. We got jobs, in opposite directions from each other (mine 4 miles from from where we are currently […]

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Cycling Through

The end of April has not gone as expected. I was proud of all the workouts, the running, the yoga streak, and then not going to Zion at the last minute took the wind out of my sails. I know I’m going to get up and dust myself off, but I’ve taken some time off […]

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Yoga, Bikes, Runs and Earth Day! Viva la Yoga Revolution and Ciclavia!

It’s been a very busy few days, and I realize as life takes over, with my new job, travel races and keeping up with my workout regime, blogging may fall to the wayside again. I’m choosing not to beat myself up over it; the regular blog posts were a way to keep myself occupied and […]

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